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MFL Careers

Year 7 MFL Careers Lesson – Everyone Speaks English

Did you know that English is only the 3rd most spoken language in the world?

  1. Chinese Mandarin – 921 million
  2. Spanish – 471 million
  3. English – 370 million
  4. Portuguese – 232 million
  5. French – 80 million
  6. German – 77 million

Only the green places speak English as a first language. That means we could be missing lots of opportunities

Think about how knowing a language may help open up opportunities to work in these places.


Year 8 MFL Careers Lesson – Jobs that use Languages

Julie works as Cabin Crew some of the biggest airlines in the world.  Click the picture to read more.

Did you know?

  • A GCSE in French, German or Spanish makes you really employable.
  • People who speak a language earn on average 12% more from their job than people who don’t!
  • It gives you the edge in the job market!

Peter has his own translation company where he works with some of the biggest clubs in football. Click the picture to read more.

Find out more about working at CERN.

Year 9 MFL Careers Lesson – Languages & Travel

This is Manchester airport

It opened in 1938

Scientists are working on types of fuel, ways of heating, analysing chemicals that come into the airport.

It handles over 30 million passengers per year

There are 70,000 staff working here.

Click to see how many people are involved in your journey by plane

Find out about working in the travel industry

Year 10 MFL Careers Lesson – Communication Skills & Job Satisfaction


Katya Adler

This is Katya Adler

She is in Europe, (Brussels, Paris and Madrid). She is a (BBC) journalist, reporting on stories from across Europe. Her main job has been to report in Brexit.

Skills and qualities (just a few):

  • Communication
  • Organisation
  • Negotiation
  • Time Management
  • Presentation skills
  • Diplomacy
  • Languages
  • Cultural awareness

Click to find out more about becoming a journalist.

Watch to see some jobs that involve languages. All of these require great communication skills

Year 11 MFL Careers Lesson – Making Yourself Understood

Look at these different jobs:


They say what the person is saying at the time but in a different language.

Dubbing Artist

They voice films and television changing the speech into another language.


They translate paperwork into other languages.

Watch this video about working as an interpreter for the United nations.

How does their job…

Challenge them?

What skills will they need in this job?

How is it rewarding?

How could their job change the world?

What happens if they get it wrong?

We don’t really think about what Voice Actors look like. Watch the videos below to give an idea on what it’s like to be a voice actor in other languages.

Year 12 MFL Careers Lesson – Post 18 Pathways

You may decide to study a language at university.

Most universities offer languages courses either pure language or combined with another subject. about studying languages at the world renowned University of Oxford.

Also hear about somewhere nearer

Year Abroad

If you do decide to study languages at university then you will get the opportunity to spend a year abroad. This is probably the highlight for most language graduates – just ask your teacher!

You can decide to attend university in your chosen country or you could work as a language assistant. Watch this video from the British Council about what this involves

Job Stories

Careers News

Mock Interviews

Well done to our Year 11 and 13 students who took part in their mock interviews recently.Students were invited to

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